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"I wish to thank the Dealflow Investment Network for their splendid service on listing our project summary. Our entire fund raise was achieved within 5-months from China. Long flight, but well worth it. I am happy to give a recommendation."
James E. Mack

Awarded major retail brand collaboration deal / growth capital for inventory
Profitable debt free, patented, eyewear company in Chicago. Floats in water & internal storage chambers. Designed and produced in same factory that makes high end eyewear ie. Oakley, Ray-ban. New collab will be in major retailers like Dicks, Cabelas
  Required Amount $100,000
  Minimum Investment $50,000
  Region Illinois
  Industry 1 Products & Inventions
  Industry 2 Fashion & Beauty
  Stage Profitable
  Investor Role Any
  Amount Invested $200,000
  Investment Reason Equipment or Inventory

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